High-Quality Textile Machines

in Lutterworth, Leicestershire

Take your business further with textile machines from CDR NTX LTD. Based in Lutterworth, Leicestershire and serving customers worldwide, we create bespoke textile machines from raw materials and tailor them to your specifications. A full repair service is also available.

Initial Consultation

Starting with an initial consultation, we strive to find out your exact plans and requirements in order to meet them completely. Using this information, we create a free, no-obligation quote for the job. If you require any extra features, just let us know and we will update your quote until you are happy with every detail. Once the plan is finalised, you will receive a full written quote.


For our protection, we require a purchase order and deposit payment before your bespoke machine goes into production. Built in-house at our factory, your machine will be tailored to your exact requirements, and we cut all the machinery and steel specifically for your make and model.

Ongoing Support

Providing ongoing support, we work with our clients throughout the manufacturing process and even after your machine has been delivered. All machines come with a 12-month warranty, based on eight hours of usage per day. Some of our machines have been running for 20 years or more and are still as good today as when they were built.

Inspections and Refurbishments

Restore your existing textile machines and fabric welding machines with our repair and refurbishment services. When you choose our services, we’ll collect the machine from your location. Once it’s back at our factory, we will strip it down for inspection and give you a set price for any work required. This service is flexible and is charged depending on your specific needs.

Worldwide Service

Our local, family-run company has international reach. Delivering to every corner of the globe, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Egypt, we have designed textile machines for clients worldwide. Get in touch for further details about international delivery.

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